HELLO // Photograhy/ text (ongoing) English I am regularly greeted by unknown men, on escalators and platforms, in courtyards, supermarkets, streetcars and elevators. The salute often consists of no more than a small movement of the corners of the mouth, the squeezing of the eyes or a soft hello. Do all men do this? I …


A journey in photos and audio along small public bookcases in Amsterdam and Antwerp. Conversations about language, untranslatable feelings and connectedness.

Supported by Amarte Fonds
Thanks to SonoDocs

Pocket-sized worlds

  Photography – audio work Quarantzine magazine, no 1, Gaada 2020 / Group exhibition CBK Zuid-Oost Amsterdam 2020 A visual and acoustic investigation into microscopic constructions shaped by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Traces of microscopic life forms, tiny debris and leftovers of a pocket-sized world. Microbes are the most numerous life forms; non-human cells …

Krimpend Land: Krot of Kans

Audio work / photo serie/ text/ Artistic-social research/ Artist in residence Kort of Kans / The Institute, CBK Zeeland and No Academy 2013 Commissioned by The Institute in collaboration with CBK Zeeland and No Academy, Het Zeeuwse Gezicht and BNA Kring Zeeland. Krot of Kans is a multidisciplinary project by bringing together experts from arts …