Pa Zodiac

Audio Documentary

Documentary DOCS podcast

Dutch Public Network NTR 2022. Nominated Prix Europa 2022.

Nominated Prix Europa 2022.
(Nederlands / English)

When documentary maker and philosopher Prosper de Roos helps his demented father tidy up, he accidentally finds an old cassette tape from 1977 with his own name on it. The tape features his father’s voice asking an astrologer for help. Dad does not know what to do with his 11-year-old son. Little Prosper does not obey, is careless and still wets his bed. The astrologer is not surprised; the child has a catastrophic constellation. If his father does not raise him strictly, the child could easily become a terrorist. It has something to do with karma.


Commissioning editor NTR Jair Stein. Mixing Arno Peeters. Music Blue Dot Sessions (CC). With thanks to Paul de Roos, Gerrie Vliegenthart, Magda Augusteijn, Joyce Hoen and Menno Noordervliet.

Radio 1 & DOCS Podcast. Nominated Prix Europa Berlin 2022.

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