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A journey in photos and audio along small public bookcases in Amsterdam and Antwerp. Conversations about language, untranslatable feelings and
De corona lockdown betekende het begin van het lange thuiszitten, ook voor artiesten en publiek. Zalen hadden hun deuren gesloten en
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Photographic work Quarantzine magazine, no 1, Gaada 2020 / Group exhibition CBK Zuid-Oost Amsterdam 2020 A visual and acoustic investigation
Photographic work on bricks, cement and localities.
Location based audio work about worker bees and holm oaks. Commisioned by Heerlijkheid & trade association Papendrecht 2018.
Audio work / Documentary / Non-fiction / NTR  2018 / Supported by NPO Fund How does climate change affects daily
Audio essay / Documentary / 23 min/ / Supported by Media Fund 2017 A personal quest for happiness in
Audio work / documentary / podcast/ VPRO/ Supported by Dutch Media Fund 2016 Producer for the 14-part radio series 'Life,

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