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Photograpy ongoing (composite photo and documentary) See larger images. Wandering has long been associated with thinking. Many intellectuals have cited
Audio work / photographic/ text/ Artistic-social research/ Artist in residence Kort of Kans / The Institute, CBK Zeeland and No
Photographic work / booklet/  Dordrecht 2012  
Film / Documentary /  55 min/ theatrical release Cinema Delicatessen / Best of IDFA on Tour 2009/ nominated at Portobello
film essay/ documentary/ 16mm/ black & white/ 7 min/ Supported by Thuiskopie Fonds and Amsterdam Art Fund 2008 Busho festival
video/ 9 x 2min/ artistic research/ Supported by the Thuiskopie Fonds / Cooblae 2006-2007 Film bricolage of documentary observations, field
Film/ fiction/ 12 min/  IJswater Films / Netherlands Film Fund / Amsterdam Fund for the Arts 2005 Story based on
Film essay/ documentary / 20 min/ Theatrical release Docuzone “Kort & Goed” 2004 / EPTAS “Every picture tells a story”
Film / documentary / s8mm film/ 7 min/ Golden Olive Award International Bunker Festival 2002, Italy.  Schieblok International Film Festival

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