Audio work, Photography, text


A journey in photos and audio along small public bookcases in Amsterdam and Antwerp. Conversations about language, untranslatable feelings and connectedness.

Supported by Amarte Fonds
Thanks to SonoDocs

Audio work, Photography

Pocket-sized worlds

  Photography – audio work Quarantzine magazine, no 1, Gaada 2020 / Group exhibition CBK Zuid-Oost Amsterdam 2020 A visual and acoustic investigation into microscopic constructions shaped by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Traces of microscopic life forms, tiny debris […]

Audio work, Documentary


  [aesop_audio src=”” loop=”off” viewstart=”off” viewend=”off” hidden=”off”] (Listen to excerpt) Audio work / Documentary / Non-fiction / NTR  2018 / Supported by NPO Fund/ 35 min What is lost and what emerges in climate change? Global warming is not only […]

Audio work, Documentary


Audio essay / Documentary / 23 min/ / Supported by Media Fund 2017 Music: Axel Schappert. Poem: Hilde van Cauteren. A search for prosperity and happiness in Prosperdorp, a tiny village on the Belgian-Dutch border.The name Prosper signifies prosperity […]

Audio work, Documentary

North / Noord

Audio / Dutch spoken /documentary/ 39 minutes/ NTR 2016/ Nominated for Prix Europa How does the North changes as you move north? A journey from the Middle East towards the northernmost point: the North Pole. An examination of the meaning […]

Audio work


Audio work  / 25 min/ Supported by the Media Fund 2016/ Oorzaken festival 2016 / De Buren Brussel 2016/ Grenzeloos Geluid Co-created with Wederik De Backer. With: Bram De Win, Célia Fechas, Marleen Stoltz, Lea Couzin, Goedele Vermaelen, Alain […]

Audio work

Flotsam / Zeedrift

Audio-essay/ Hybrid/ 23 min / Supported by Dutch Mediafund / VPRO 2015 By several personal stories we meander through different flood marks; water pulls things apart and joins people together. Music Roald van Oosten. Mix Arno Peeters. With: Marleen […]

Audio work


(Excerpt/ fragment) 25 min / Supported by Dutch Cultural Media Fund 2014. / / Nominated for Prix Europa Sound space Zeno van den Broek, Research Netherlands Esma Linnemann, Production Switzerland Titus Dürst. Audio work on the wind. The wind […]

Audio work


Audio work / Location based / Documentary / With the support of the VSB Fund, SNS REAAL Fund and Schiermonnikoog National Park 2014 After Sunset festival 2014, on exhibiton in Bezoekerscentrum 2014-2019 Magda Augusteijn and Prosper de Roos spent a […]

Audio work, Documentary


Audio / series of radio docs/ VPRO/ Supported by Dutch Media Fund 2010-2013/ Winner Zilveren Reiss Microfoon 2013 (Nipkow for radio)/ Jan Kassies Stimuleringsprijs/ Nominated for De Tegel, Prix Europa and Prix Italia. Documentary maker for Plots, 2010-2013. Plots is […]